Hello, how are you?

Excited to be part of this venture :)

What is your profession?

I am a lawyer.

What are you best in?

Researching, analysing, writing, communicating, persisting in what I do.

Which is your Visiaw speciality?

Energy, projects & public procurement with a background in real estate.

How do you imagine Bulgaria in 10 years?

In my dreams – modernized and unfolding its potential. I believe hard work and dedication can get us almost everywhere and I am willing to be part of the process, working side by side with inspiring people.

How do you see the EU in 10 years?

Adapting to the new challenges time will bring, but hopefully greener and more sustainable.

What is your Vision about the World in 2050?

Maybe an almost utopic one - life beautifully simplified by technology, smart cities, more conscious connection between human and nature. The urge to improve will let us witness amazing discoveries and innovation in the next 30 years. And I imagine as a result we will be closer to the ultimate goal - better life for everyone and more time to appreciate it.

Thank you!

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