Hello, how are you?

Hello! Excellent :))

What is your profession?


What are you best in?

In communication, teamwork, sustainability in relationships with people, problems solving, the pursuit of justice!

Which is your Visiaw speciality?

We'll find out very soon.

How do you imagine Bulgaria in 10 years?

More modern, more beautiful and more progressive. Life will be calmer, and people will begin to return to a more natural and balanced way of existence in the smaller settlements.

How do you see the EU in 10 years?

More united, more liberal, and more helpful.

What is your Vision about the World in 2050?

I imagine the world in 2050 as a much easier place to live in, which will be due to the diversity of technology, the development of science, and the improvement of healthcare. Thanks to this, life will be longer and happier, and people will have more opportunities.

Is technology going to replace human?

The development of technology is not able to replace human, especially in the aspects inherent and characteristic only for him, but it will certainly increase human productivity and productivity because progress in technology inevitably leads to progress in human creativity.

Thank you!

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