Hello! How are you today?

Excited for this new adventure with Visiaw.

What is your profession?


What are you best in?

Researching, analysing, writing, teamwork. I am creative, passionate in what I do and have an eye for the details.

Which is your Visiaw speciality?

Energy, regulations and compliance, EU & public policies. I make sure Visiaw legal knowledge is up to date!

How do you imagine Bulgaria in 10 years?

Bulgaria has great potential and I believe that the best is yet to come! There is a lot of work to be done, so we better roll up our sleeves. With motivation, passion and hard work anything can be achieved

How do you see the EU in 10 years?

Offering even more opportunities than today. Hopefully more sustainable, green and with clear vision for the next generation

What is your Vision about the World in 2050?

Going on vacation in space. Just kidding or maybe not, who knows. I hope that in the next 30 years our world will be advanced enough to offer innovative technology, good living and harmony with nature at once. People will still be people but I hope we will all be able to make better choices.

Thank you!

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