Hello, how are you?

Very well 😊

What is your profession?


What are you best in?

Understanding people’s needs, thinking practically, analysing, writing, speaking, working in a team, finding win-win solutions

Which is your Visiaw speciality?

Employment, corporate & commercial

How do you imagine Bulgaria in 10 years?

Hopefully better than now. There is a lot of room for improvements, and I believe that with joint efforts and hard work we can have a cleaner, more modern, digital, and user-friendly country

How do you see the EU in 10 years?

Hopefully more united, tolerant, and unified than now

What is your Vision about the World in 2050?

I imagine the world in 2050 as a perfect combination of innovative smart tech and a vision back to our roots, preserving and benefiting from all lessons learned in the past    

Is technology going to replace human?

Yes, likely in the most boring and heavy works. But I hope that technology will find the balance and will not replace the human thinking and change the human relationships

Thank you!

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