Hello! How are you today?

Hi, extremely good and excited

What is your profession?

My profession is to provide pleasant, memorable, convenient, recognizable designs to users. From both sides User Experience and User Interface.

What are you best in?

In creating a minimalistic and user-friendly end-user experience with the product I'm working on. In my work, I focus on ordering things and minimizing inaccuracies.

Which is your Visiaw speciality?

Product Design for LegalTechâ„¢

How do you imagine Bulgaria in 10 years?

I think that Bulgaria will remain a country with beautiful nature, regardless of anything :)

How do you see the EU in 10 years?

I cannot say anything about this, because I have never thought about it. I hope that everything will be fine :)

What is your Vision about the World in 2050?

A difficult question to which there can be many answers. In terms of technical development, I think that we have such a strange and fantastic future that we cannot even imagine. One has only to remember about quantum computers, "neurolink", and desire to discover antimatter and dark matter. We do not understand a lot, but I am sure that we will reveal several secrets of the universe.

What question always intrigues you?

Who I am and who I want to be!

What is the answer to it?

If I knew the answer to this question, I would not ask it. People change over the course of life, which means that the answer to this question is not constant :)

Thank you Artem!

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